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We have collaborated with Ceeview.com for a number of years, and to demonstrate what services we offer and how we work with Ceeview, we have put together this case study.



Ceeview AS is a Norwegian software company that provides data center monitoring and cloud solutions to businesses concerned with providing good online user experiences.


This is how we rank Ceeview.com in organic search results on Google.

The report contains information about what keywords are fairly easy to rank on Google’s page one.


The initial step in search engine optimization (SEO) is keyword research. You can see some of the keywords we discovered for Ceeview in the screenshot.

You can view the list of keywords in the left-hand column (ref. screenshot),. Then, the amount of monthly searches, the CPC (Cost Per Click) in Google Ads, and the level of competition for Google ads and organic search for the phrase.

Click on the screenshot to enlarge.

The report contains information about what keywords are fairly easy to rank on Google’s page one.

CONTENT creation

To rank on the first page of Google, you must have high-quality content. Content might consist of both content pages and blog articles.

When performing search engine optimization for a number of keywords, blog posts are often preferred since its easier can control the number of words, and it takes less time to produce a blog post compared to a content page. You can see some of the blog posts we have written for Ceeview in the screenshot.

Before we begin writing, we determine the minimum number of words required for a blog article to rank on page 1. Then, we write an outline and brainstorm potential blog titles.


Click on the screenshot to enlarge.

After Ceeview has accepted the outline and selected one of the suggested blog titles, we begin writing, focusing on one primary keyword in addition to a number of other important keywords.

The optimization makes it easy for Google to index the blog post for the keyword you want to achieve a page 1 position for.

content SEO

The next stage, once the material has been written, is to optimize it for search engines.

The screenshot serves as an example of this type of optimization. The keyword in focus is “migrate to the cloud”, and as you can see we’ve scored 90 out of a possible 100 points with this keyword. This signifies that the blog content is effectively optimized for search engines.

There are several factors to consider while performing search engine optimization; the focus keyword must appear in the title, meta description, website url, etc.

Click on the screenshot to enlarge.

The optimization makes it easy for Google to index the blog post for the keyword you want to achieve a page 1 position for.


The screenshot shows some keywords for which Ceeview ranks on page 1 in Google. In addition, several other keywords constantly improve their position and move towards page 1 in Google.

The screen’s left column shows the ranking position, then the search volume per month, SD (Keyword Competition), and the website address of the page or blog post that achieved a ranking.

Click on the screenshot to enlarge.

The keyword’s ranking position fluctuates in response to competition from other keywords; nevertheless, with proper search engine optimization, the keyword’s position improves with time.


This is how we promote Ceeview on social media;



Many posts on social media.

Ongoing stream of posts

To have a continuous stream of content on social media, we divide one blog post into multiple social media posts.


We find good hashtags for each post to increase the spread on social media.

Many channels

For Ceeview, we targeted LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Tip: You can publish to social media groups in addition to social media pages.

Building an audience

Last but not least, we use many strategies to increase the number of followers.


Another important part of the work we do for Ceeview is web design. The job usually starts with creating good content; then, we create a wireframe based on the content. After the customer’s approval, design elements such as profile colors, graphics, images, buttons and call-to-action functions are implemented.


Here are some examples of graphics we have designed;


We have run paid advertising for Ceeview in Google Ads (text and banner ads) and Facebook in English and Norwegian.
We have also set up retargeting to build retargeting audiences for both channels.
For each campaign, we use conversion tracking to track the number of conversions.

Click on the ads to enlarge.

Webkonsepter.no is our marketing partner and helps us with our marketing campaigns. We achieve good results in our marketing and recommend Webkonsepter.no to others who need expert marketing assistance.

– Dag Lund

Sales and marketing, Ceeview.com

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