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Here you will discover a list of frequent problems faced by small and medium-sized businesses along with their respective solutions. When you’ve determined what you need assistance with, check the box below.


Poor first impression of the company online

Solution: Better first impression with a new website/online store and updated profiles on social media.


High customer acquisition cost

Solution: Reduce the need for expensive advertising through search engine optimization and more organic traffic.

The company is relativly unknown in the market.

Solution: Gain market recognition with the use of advertising, social media posts, and improved Google visibility.


Lack of 5-star reviews and credibility in the market

Solution: Strengthen credibility with the help of reviews on Facebook, Google and Trustpilot. Implement solution for customer feedbacks and rating.


Negative reviews and poor reputation online

Solution: Encurage customer feedback after each delivery to prevent bad reviews. Follow-up of dissatisfied customers. From negative to positive reviews.


Few sales conversions from website traffic

Solution: Better sales conversion with A/B testing of “call-to-action” elements like buttons, headlines, forms, and such.


Poor contribution margin on products and services

Solution: Opportunity to charge better and achieve a higher contribution margin with more satisfied customers and a stronger brand.


Stagnation and stronger competitors

Solution: Review of the business concept. Turn satisfied customers into repeat customers. Sales funnel for upselling and cross-selling.


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