Category & Biz Hours


With Category & Biz Hours, you can give your customers all the information they need to find and do business with you. Adding category and opening hours to your Google business profile makes it more complete, so customers understand what you do and when you’re open for business.


Categories allow Google to know what your business provides so it can place you in relevant searches. This makes it easier for customers to find your services and products in specific categories. 

For example, if your category is “Coffee Shop,” Google may show your business in a person’s local search results for “Coffee,” “Café,” “Coffee House or “Coffee bar.”

Business hours set up helps customers know your business opening and closing hours, making it easier for customers to contact or visit you accordingly.

Our Service: helps you configure category and business hours to your Google Business profile. So the next time the customer searches for the relevant products/services, your business appears on the local search results. This will improve your business listing and help you rank higher in local search results.

Besides, potential customers will know your service opening and closing times so they can plan their visits accordingly.

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