Keyword Analysis


Want to attract more visitors to your website through organic search on Google? It all starts with a Keyword Analysis. We research and analyze specific keywords or search phrases that will organically attract visitors to your website. 



It’s no secret that the key to a successful website is good keyword analysis. Identifying the right keywords for your business will allow you to create content that attracts the right type of traffic to your website. 

It is also important to pick keywords that are not too hard to rank for, as some keywords are dominated by brands like Facebook and Microsoft, which make it almost impossible to rank for small medium-sized businesses.

Another important factor is search volume – by doing keyword analysis, we can identify keywords with a minimum search volume every month, so you don’t waste your time optimizing for keywords nobody is searching for.

Based on Keyword Analysis, an SEO strategy is created which helps you rank on the right keywords faster.


  • Increase conversions 
  • It improves the website’s overall ranking performance
  • Improves Google’s quality score
  • Helps maintain the SEO ranking

Our service:

Whether you are looking to outrank your competitors or need support to optimize your website with the right keywords to boost traffic, Zyberspaze is here to help. Zyberspaze can research and find high-value keywords for your site. Let’s get your website cruising up the search engine rankings. 

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