Markup Schema


Schema markup is the key to unlocking Google’s full potential for your website. By adding Schema to your code, you can help Google identify the different types of content on your pages, making it easier for them to suggest your site when people search for related products and services. With Markup Schema, you can make sure that your site stands out from the competition and maximizes its visibility on the web.



The google markup schema is Google’s markup language for describing the content of web pages.

Markup Schema has clear benefits towards SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It gives more information about your website’s content to Google, allowing them to index your page more accurately and serve it up with relevant search results.

Let’s give one specific example, the FAQ markup schema; Even if your domain authority isn’t strong enough to rank on page 1 in a standard organic search on Google – your site might very well rank on page 1 if you implement the FAQ markup schema. The use of markup schema is a relatively new feature and not utilized by all websites. If your website starts using the FAQ markup schema, you gain an advantage over the sites that don’t use this, and the result may be a page 1 position in the FAQ section on the search result page.

Let’s show you have to implement the Google Markup schema on your website to help boost your ranking and visibility in organic search.

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