Add a business username on your Facebook page to help customers quickly and easily navigate to your page. With this simple addition, you can put your best foot forward in search results.


You can make it easy for customers to find and connect with you by adding a business username. This unique identifier will help customers quickly and easily navigate to your Facebook page.

Besides, by adding a username to your Facebook page, you’ll get a unique URL with your username at the end. It makes it easier for your page appears on search results (both on Facebook and Google search results). In the absence of a username, the end of your Facebook URL will be a string of numbers that is difficult to search. 

Our service:

Do you want your business to have a powerful Facebook presence? Zyberspaze can help! We’ll add your username to your profile so that potential customers can find you easily. It will also help your Facebook business page rank on search results with a customized URL.

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